Jim tapping a tree

Tapping 2021

March 13, 2021

We have finished tapping our maple trees for the 2021 season. Did you know that you have to drill a fresh hole in the trunk of the maple tree every season and tap a spout in to catch the sap?



The purple arrow points to an older tap hole. A maple tree compartmentalizes or walls off any old tap holes or wounds, so sap no longer flows out of them. When you drill a new hole in a maple tree you want to locate it several inches left or right and about a foot above or below any old tap hole. This allows the maple tree to remain healthy and continue to grow even though it is tapped every year. The photo below shows the stained wood around a tap hole where the tree compartmentalized.

Here is a video showing the steps in tapping a tree.

Sometimes we have to add a little fun and competition when we have almost three thousand trees to get tapped.


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